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Brake & Disc Replacement

Many car problems can affect the brakes of the car. Brake testing is a part of the full MOT service. We thoroughly check the pads and brake fluid of the car’s brake system. Not only do we provide comprehensive brake pads and brake disc replacement service, but we also fully guide you about the faults with your vehicle so that you are able to maintain it optimally yourself too. We thoroughly check your car’s braking system for brake pads replacement and brake disc replacement.

For car maintenance, you must not get a brake check only when you need to take the MOT test for your car. Instead, having brake checks periodically is essential to ensure the right functioning of the vehicle.

Brake & Disc Replacement Service

Brake Pad

A screeching sound from the vehicle indicates a malfunction in its brake pads. The purpose of the brake pads in the car is to reduce friction between the metal segments.The brake pads wear out with time, so a brake pad replacement service is necessary for car’s maintenance.

Brake Disc

A brake disc is a rotor whose movement is synchronized with the wheel. The purpose of the brake disc is to decelerate the rotation of the wheel to slow down and eventually stop the movement of the vehicle.Additionally, environmental factors affect the natural wear and tear of the brake disc.