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Full Car Service In Reading

Car servicing is necessary for your vehicle for many reasons. It saves your vehicle from costly damages and keeps it safe for driving on the road. Identifying car faults early on saves hefty repair costs later. If you search for full car servicing Reading, Berkshire, the Servicing Master UK provides a quality full car servicing at very affordable rates.

While MOT service is a legal requirement for all vehicles as they must pass the MOT test every 3 years for the license renewal, having full car service is equally important. Though, unlike the MOT test, car servicing is not a legal requirement, still, it is fundamental to maintaining a car. MOT confirms whether a car meets the minimum requirements set for its safety and driving on the road.

Moreover, it determines any potential risk to the environment due to fuel emissions of the car. The scope of car servicing is broader as it works out a plan to perform comprehensive analysis of the car. Many problems may silently build in the car, so having a car full servicing helps in resolving them before they get harmful. So, car servicing between MOTs is very crucial.

Getting an interim or full car servicing gets you a stamp in your car’s service clock reset, and service book. However, availing more simple services such as only a filter change or oil change does not get you a stamp in your service book, and it won’t also reset your service clock.

7 Reasons Why Your Car Needs a Full Service

 Car full service is necessary for many reasons:
  • More comprehensive analysis of the car than MOT.
  • Saves money on repair in the long run. For instance, an unchanged oil can break the engine whose repair costs more than an oil checkup.
  • Fuel efficient car. Servicing makes sure that the components and engine of the car perform efficiently.
  • Longer car lifespan.
  • Better selling price of the car.
  • Improves valuation of cars in insurance. The insurer may use the service history of car to determine its pre-accident value.
  • Car servicing history record is a plus-point in selling a car.

A Comparison of Interim and Full Service

 An interim service is the most preliminary stage of car service. This service checks the main components of the car, and it takes place every 6000 miles or every 6 months. It takes about 1.5 hours to complete an interim service. The interim service consists of lubrication of certain moving parts, oil filter and oil change, and checks on tyres, fluid levels, lights, exhaust, horn, and light. It also searches for any leak of fluids in the car.

The scope of full service is wider than an interim service. A full service car checks it completely and is carried out every 12000 miles or once a year. It takes longer to complete a full service of a car than an interim service. The duration of full service is 3 hours.

Manufacturers' Recommendations on Car Servicing

 The servicing schedule for car full servicing is also delineated in the manual of the car from the manufacturer. Additionally, we duly suggest our customers regarding the type of car servicing, and the time they should have it. The servicing requirements differ among cars and the manufacturer’s manual helps in determining the time and scope of servicing too.


What does a full service include?
Car full-service checklist is very comprehensive, including several works. Regular full service of car has about 50 or more factors, adjustments and systems checks including:
  • Filter replacement
  • Engine oil replacement
  • Break checks
  • Engine inspection
  • Shock absorbers
  • Pollen filters replacement
  • Air conditioning inspection
  • Fuel filters replacement
  • Spark plugs replacement
  • Checking coolant levels and hydraulic fluid levels
  • Cooling system checking (pumps, hoses, radiators)
  • Steering alignment
How many points is a full car service?
Generally, full car services have a 60-point check, or similar. So, it is a very detailed analysis of the car’s maintenance.
What should a full-service cost?
The cost of a full service car is exclusive of any replacements and repairs of the new parts. Cost for these services is separate.
How often should I have my car serviced?
The time to have car servicing, its frequency and scope of work depends on certain factors. The determinants of your car full service are:
  • The model and make of your car
  • Mileage of car
  • Manufacturing date of the car
  • The place of use of car (motorway driving, rural roads or other)