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The engine control unit (ECU) repair is always a better alternative than its replacement as it is an expensive component of the vehicle. ECU is one of the most critical parts of the car as it functions as its brain. The ECU controls many electrical systems in the vehicle. It is a highly advanced device and a computer, so as a result, its repair consists of total disintegration of the unit to carry out very detailed and precise electronics work. Its repair is similar to that of a smartphone or computer. This means any fault in the ECU will pass wrong information to the driver.

ECU Engine repairs and remap service in Reading helps improve engine performance and fuel economy.
As ECU is one of the most complex technological equipment in the vehicle, its repair can get very costly. However, complete reprogramming and repair of the ECU are possible in most cases.

At Servicing Master UK, Reading, Berkshire, you will get the best repairs at the most affordable costs. The cost of repair for your vehicle depends on its make and model.

Our team is highly trained in carrying out the ECU repairs for all types of vehicles, from passenger cars, to light commercials and HGVs. Moreover, we have all the advanced repair and programming equipment to offer perfect servicing.