Engine & Gearbox Reconditioning

Engine Rebuilds and Gearbox Reconditioning Garage in Reading.

The Servicing Master is a renowned engine service provider in UK that has been working since decades. It is a reputable one stop shop for all those worthy clients who are searching for reliable engine replacement and repair service for their vehicles. We deal in all kind of used, reconditioned, repaired and new engines and our services do not end here because we know that only a provision of recon or re manufactured engine is not enough to make your vehicle run on the road. Besides a top notch quality engine supply, your vehicle requires quality fixing and maintenance services as well.

It is a famous saying that ‘too many hands spoil the broth’ and we truly believe in this proverb that is why we have trained a team of highly professional engine replacers who have unmatched expertise in all technicalities related to engine fixing and maintenance. Since years, our team has been striving to put all their potentials in providing high profile services to the Range Rover, BMW and Mercedes owners. Our technicians are trained according to different dimensions of engine services. Before we move towards defining our profound services, we will like to show our target audience that what is the basic difference between a reconditioned and used engine?


Gearbox and Engine Reconditioning Services

We offer the following Gearbox/Engine reconditioning and rebuilding services:

– Block reboring

– Crankshaft regrinding

– Head skimming

– Aluminium head welding

– Valve seat cutting

– Valve cutting

– Valve guide fitting (including hardened seat for unleaded conversion)

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You can get your engine running properly again. We have all the equipment and the expertise in our garage to recondition engines or carry out full engine rebuilds including reconditioning cylinder heads. So if you want your engine to run as if it just rolled off the production line, contact The Servicing Master today!