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Car Engine Diagnostics Reading

Replacing your engine is very expensive, and this is where engine diagnostic service comes in handy. Engine diagnostics identify the faults with the engine, saving the cost and time on engine replacement or unnecessary repairs. Servicing Master Ltd UK is providing a comprehensive engine diagnostic service in Reading, Berkshire. Our team is trained in performing engine diagnostics for almost all makes and models of cars. We also use the latest specialized equipment and software for carrying out the engine diagnostics process. Engine diagnostic service uses specific tools, such as the engine diagnostic machine, and specialized knowledge to interpret the diagnostic codes in different cars. Moreover, we guide every client about the specific faults in their car’s engine and how to avoid damage risks further. We help you maintain your car optimally. Car engine diagnostic service checks several parts of the car, including the engine, throttle, oil tank, exhaust, ignition coils, transmission, and others. Car engine diagnostic service saves your car from breakdown risks. Having a timely car engine diagnostic service prevents car’s wear and tear and breakdown. It also checks for minor problems in the car before they can lead to significant breakdowns. For maintaining a car, you must not wait until your vehicle gets very faulty, but have it serviced or checked frequently. Fixing a severely malfunctioning car is more costly and time-consuming too.


When do you need a car engine diagnostic service?
If your car engine light is flashing, it generally indicates an emergency or a severe problem with the car. Also, unusual sounds from the car signal show that you need a car engine diagnostic service.
How do you read an engine diagnostic?
The first step in the process is reading the light code of the engine. The mechanic attaches a car diagnostic scanner with the car to know the trouble codes. These trouble codes indicate the faults in the car. Mainly the information is contained in the OBD2 codes, and the mechanic has to interpret them correctly; for instance, the engine light code may indicate a fault with the car's exhaust. These codes are different for different constructs, makes and models of the cars. Reading the AKA OBD2 code only takes minutes. After finding the error codes, the mechanic probes the vehicle further to determine the exact fault and resolves it accordingly.
How much does it cost to get a car diagnostic?
The cost of car diagnostic services varies greatly depending on the make, model, and problems identified in the car.
How long does a car diagnostic test take?
The simplest engine diagnostic test may even take only minutes. Generally, car diagnostic services take at least an hour and generally 2 to 3 hours.