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Interim Car Service Reading

Interim Car Servicing is primarily for the high mileage drivers, who travel more than 20000 miles every year. Servicing Masters Ltd provides several car repairs services such as, MOT tests, interim car servicing, and full car servicing. The service not just includes fixing your car, but we also explain its faults to you, so that you are able to maintain it the best. If you compare the interim car service cost UK, you will find our service very affordable.

Our company offers comprehensive car servicing and helps you understand the condition of your car so that you may discuss it with the technician and comprehend their suggestions.

Benefits of Car Servicing

 Regular servicing improves your car in many ways:
  • Reduces risk of any future breakdowns.
  • Saves money on repairs.
  • Makes cars safe and reduces the risk of accidents.
  • Car servicing history report is a plus point in selling the car.
  • Maintains the value of the car.

What is an interim car service?

 Interim service is often compared with full servicing of a car. The difference between these is primarily in the covered mileage. Interim service is for a car that has travelled short journeys, whereas full-service is for a car that has travelled long journeys regularly. Car servicing is vital for maintaining your vehicle. It prevents risk of accident, and any wear and tear to the car. Still, car servicing is not a legal necessity, unlike the MOT tests. There are 2 main types of car servicing, interim car servicing, and full car servicing. The time for having car service and its type depends on the make and model of the car, its mileage, and the kind of places where it was driven.The handbook from the manufacturer helps determine the type of servicing the car should have, however, you may distinguish between full servicing and interim servicing with the information mentioned as follows:
  • If the car has driven 12000 miles for a 12 months duration, it requires a full service.
  • Interim service is needed when a car has driven 6000 miles for a 6 months duration.

 An interim service is ordered once in every 6 months, and it must not replace full servicing of the car. Getting an interim service once in every 6 months ensures efficient functioning of the car and prevents premature wearing of its parts.

Contact Us for a Perfect Car Interim Service Reading

 The technicians at Servicing Master Ltd UK are experts in servicing all types of cars. We meticulously check every vehicle for any faults and risks, so that the car performs safely and at its best. If you have any questions, or require any consultation regarding car servicing, we are available to guide you any time.:


How long does an interim service take?
Interim service may take around one and half hours at maximum to complete. The duration of servicing also depends on the ease of access to the necessary components in the car, as well as the car type. Servicing duration may also increase if more problems are found in the car. Full servicing of a car takes a longer time than an interim service. Generally, it takes 3 hours to complete full-servicing.
How much should an interim car service cost?
The cost of an interim car service is in the £75 to £125 range. A full service may cost more than £150.